Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Journey

I was just sitting here listening to the machine that has been allowing me to breathe over the past 3 days make its continuing hmming noise. I started to think about all of the things that Dalton and I will be able to do after we get our lung transplants. I want to-
run for miles.
play in the rain.
kiss longer.
I know Dalton is ready for this journey and I am too. I am more than ready. We have been married on paper for almost two years now. But, soon enough we will be able to act like it. We don't go out a lot, we don't do a lot of fun dates. We are mainly homebodies because we just get too tired. Soon enough, we will be able to do-
whatever we want.
whenever we want.
Give us time. We will get there. -Katie


  1. Yes you will sweetie!
    The Maze family is in MO waiting for lungs too!

  2. So glad to "meet" you both. I've got an 18 yo and a 1 yo with CF. I'll be thinking of you guys and checking in often.