Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coming Up On One Week

Well, Dalton was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday and he is still there. He has improved some but still has a way to go. The doctor originally wanted to keep him until we went to Pittsburgh to be evaluated for our transplant but Dalton did not agree with that at all. So, Dalton will do PFTs and they have hopefully improved at least a percent or two in order to be able to come home.
I haven't been up to visit Dalton since Saturday night. I haven't been feeling well and have been on 2 liters of oxygen with my O2 sats still lower than normal. I emailed our doctor and she started me on 3 different oral antibiotics so hopefully things will start to get better soon and I will be able to make it back up to see Dalton later today or tomorrow. I hate not being able to be up there with him, but I know from past experience when he isn't able to be there, I am okay with it so I believe he is okay.
Please pray that Dalton gets to come home soon. I will update when I find out more information.-Katie

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