Thursday, March 28, 2013

Evaluation and Just an Update

So, on Monday I called UPMC (Pittsburgh) to get started with the transplant process for the two of us. She gave us several dates to choose from for our evaluation appointments. She said that evaluation was going to be outpatient but we would have tests and other things to do Monday-Friday so we would have to leave Flemingsburg on Sunday and stay up there all week. She gave us about 5 different weeks to choose from and we were to call her back with a couple of dates that would work best for us. Well, one of the dates she gave us was April 1st, NEXT WEEK, and that is the one we decided on. Fast-forward to today, Thursday, and I just got the confirmation call from the appointment scheduler, Katlin, that we are all set up for next week! Dalton and I are getting evaluated next week!! This time last month we were coming back from St. Thomas struggling to breathe and now we are getting a second chance!! I'm not quite sure what we will be doing (we will get our itinerary in the mail tomorrow) but I am beyond excited!!
With transplant it is required that you bring a support system with you to the appointments. If only one of us was getting transplanted then obviously the support system would be the spouse but since BOTH of us are trying to get transplanted, it has to be someone else. So, tomorrow, Dalton's dad and grandma Prager are going to be coming in to visit and stay with us and go to the appointments, my mom is going with us, and Dalton's mom is flying to Pittsburgh on Sunday. I really wanted my dad to go but he had to work. He of course, will be taking the puppies though!
Another thing is that we have the order in for shirts! I can't wait until you see them! They rock! The are a combined effort from Dalton and I, so they are very special to me. I really hope they sell well. I will let you know when you can order one. I also finally have my jewelry that I have been making at It's A Girl Thing Boutique in Flemingsburg and my mom has been making necklaces. So, if you are local, feel free to go in there and browse. She has tons of other stuff too, it is just a really awesome store.
Dalton and I are still on IV antibiotics and will be until tomorrow, after that we are done. I am so thankful that we won't be on them next week during our hectic schedule!
Be sure to check in everyday next week because we will definitely have a lot to blog about! Thank you to everyone who has shown so much support and LOVE. -Katie


  1. Good things ahead for you both. Stay strong and support one another. Much love and prayers to you both.

    1. We are so excited for you both and are praying all goes well. This is the start of new beginnings for you both. We love you both so very much. Love grandma and grandpa

  2. Wonderful news, prayers and positive thoughts for the two of you. Love you both! Rhonda & Marty