Thursday, November 19, 2015


I really need prayers right now. All I want for Christmas is my kidneys to work. Right now I'm doing dialysis 4 times a week and when I get discharged from the hospital I'll have to do outpatient dialysis. I really hate dialysis and pray to God my kidneys start working. I don't want to go through another transplant. Katie 

Monday, November 16, 2015


I am now in physical and occupational rehab. I actually moved floors from 9 in Presby to 11 in a different hospital a street away. I like rehab because they work you hard! 
I'll get to go home on the 25th, atleast that's the projected date. I won't get to go home as in Kentucky, but I'll get to leave the hospital and go to the apartment that my mom has rented and has been staying at since June. My goal is to be home in Kentucky by Christmas. I've had that goal for a while now, and I'm destined to make it happen. 
Since I've been in rehab, I've made so much progress. I can sit up from my wheelchair by myself. I can climb a flight of stairs. I can get up from the couch. As this next week progresses, I know I will continue to complete my goals. My biggest goal I have is that I want to walk with no assistance, which I am already doing, but I want to be more stable with my walk. 
I will keep working hard! This next week is going to go by fast. Make sure to keep up with my progress! Katie

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Love is a beautiful thing. 
Some are lucky enough to find it in this life. 
Others aren't so lucky. 
Where do you fall. Are you one of the lucky ones.