Monday, August 25, 2014

RX: Fish Sandwich

Okay, so this is the FUNNIEST thing. It actually has been really annoying but at this point, I am just laughing. Okay, so as a CF patient, our doctor requires us to eat as many calories and as much protein as possible. Even with extra calories, we still can't seem to gain or maintain weight. I have had the craziest time dealing with the Kitchen people this time around at the hospital.
I am obsessed with the cafeterias fish sandwiches. They are breaded and have shredded lettuce and they taste just like a good hometown, country, firehouse fish sandwich. If yall know me, you know I love a good fish fry so when I come in, I pretty much hit up the cafeteria as much as possible (especially at nights).
Eventually it adds up $$$ to keep on buying food from the cafeteria especially when I get trays delivered to my room for free. Tonight I decided I was going to take a stand! I want my fish sandwich tonight and I am not paying for it! That sounds horrible of me but this hospital gets enough money from my insurance, they don't need my money too! So I talked to my nurse and she offered to call the dietary office for me to see if I could get one!
I was SO happy! I was like yessss finally, saving my $4 AND getting my fish sandwich. What happened next is crazy.... The dietary supervisor is actually making my doctor WRITE and FAX a prescription for me to have a fish sandwich..... That's right, I was prescribed a fish sandwich, official signature and everything.. How crazy! I just have to laugh! If I didn't laugh I'd go crazy in this place!! Love y'all! -Katie

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Video :)

Check us out!! -Katie

August 23 Update

Dalton and I both have rhinovirus which is why we have been feeling so terrible lately. There is nothing they can do except keep giving us the antibiotics and let us ride this one out. Still not feeling well but in time we will be back to our regular selves! Thank you guys for all your love and prayers! -Katie

August 22 Update

Dalton and I left Fleming County Hospital by ambulance around 11 pm last night and arrived here in Pittsburgh around 5 am or so. Today has been a slow day. Very exhausting and a lot of sleep happening. Things aren't looking super bright right now for either of us. We are trying to control what is trying to take over our lungs. We are both coming out swinging. Positive attitudes all around here, now just have to get our bodies to respond to antibiotics. We both got steroid injections so hopefully that will help gain some energy. Thank you for your prayers! The love is overwhelming. -Katie

August 21 Update

After spending most of the day in Fleming County Hospital ER, we are being transferred to University of Pittsburgh Hospital to be closer to our CF doctors and transplant team. Could definitely use some prayers and good vibes coming our way. Still have a long road ahead of us, but we definitely have the determination to make it to and through transplant. We are tired of watching our lives pass us by. We're ready to start living. We're ready to travel, adventure, and explore all that this life has to offer. Thank you guys for your support. -Katie
Dalton and I waiting in the ER

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I am feeling the sickest I've ever felt in my life. It feels like I'm drowning. -Katie

Friday, August 8, 2014


Dalton and I had our 3 year anniversary this past July. It was good. 
All I see on Facebook are people posting baby news and it makes me sad I'll never have a baby bump...