Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mickey Button

Today I had my feeding tube replaced. My feeding tube, also known as a Mickey button, is used to feed me during the day and night. I still eat but I don't get enough calories by myself. Since I don't get enough calories, I am fed with ensure through my button so that I can get enough calories to maintain my weight.
Not much is going on today. I am on my way to dialysis. Dialysis really takes a lot out of ya. Unfortunately I need it to live. I hope by the summer I am strong enough to get a kidney transplant. My brother is getting tested to see if he'd be a match. I truly am lucky to have such a wonderful, caring and loving family. They are all so supportive.
Another thing I might be doing is writing a book. I've been thinking about it lately, I just don't know where I could get it published or if anyone would read it. They might!?
I'm also looking for an online job. I need a job so bad. I can't keep living on such a minimum income. I am more than capable of doing work online, I just need to find something to do. If you're reading this and you need help doing something that I can do online or over Skype, let me know. Or if you have ever had luck with an online company, I would love to hear about your experience, just leave me a comment!
Well, I'm signing off for today. May rearrange my blog a little bit! Love to you all and thanks for reading! Katie

Friday, February 12, 2016

Update 2/12

I have been in the hospital for a week now. I came in with a fever and some other things. One of the things that is going on is the tumors in my lungs are bigger than they were before. Tonight I am being admitted into the ICU to be given a chemo treatment and make sure I don't react negatively to it. Another issue is my weight and weight gain. I'm not gaining weight. My doctor is concerned that I am so malnourished that any chemo I get will just end up hurting me so we're at a catch 22. I'm still going to be getting the chemo tonight and hope I tolerate it. Nothing else has been going on lately just trying to stay ahead health wise which isn't working well on my part although I am getting more stable on my feet. I haven't had any falls in a couple of weeks. And I've still been cooking more (if you read my previous blogs)! Well that's all for now... Will update again soon! -Katie

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