Wednesday, July 31, 2013

See ya ICU!!

Dalton is finally out of SICU!! He is on our regular floor now, 7 South Tower! I am so happy! I was able to go over and spend a few hours with him! I am happy to report he was doing and looking good. His surgical site looks really good. Got his catheter out. Dr said that discharge is planned for Friday! Yayayay!!!
I had an appointment today. Not bad but not awesome. PFTs down a little, not sure why. Continue on oral antibiotics. I am getting the Tobi podhaler!!! Which is a new way of taking a medicine that normally takes about 10-15 minutes inhaled and it takes it down to about 30 seconds. Weight stable. Going to switch out my feeding tube down to a small version called a Mickey button in a couple of weeks. Still active on the transplant list. 
Both just keep on keeping on. Thanks for your love and prayers! -Katie

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I was just thinking that I'd give an update on Dalton. :) 
Today was an alright day. I was over there from about 12-6. He had to have some blood because his counts were low which we don't want but it's done now. His surgery site is looking good. Still some stuff draining out. Not sure when they will take the drainage out. He is trying to ween down his pain meds, they're doing good with that. His anxiety is a little increased but that is no surprise. He is doing so good and he's being so strong. I just love visiting him. He is still in the SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit). They are waiting on a bed to become available for him to move up to the regular floor, hopefully that will happen tomorrow. I can't think of anything else to report. Just please keep praying and don't stop.. We need all you can give.. -Katie

Saturday, July 27, 2013


He looks so good this morning. He looked at me and squeezed my hand...
He got out of surgery sometime while I was asleep last night. The past 24 hours have been a blur to me and I'm sure to Dalton. We will get through this and more. This is just the beginning. Will explain more later. -Katie

Friday, July 26, 2013


As you all know, Dalton had surgery on his stomach a few days ago. Just as we were about to leave, they removed his staples. Well all of a sudden he looked down and his intestines were hanging out of his belly. So we are still here and won't be leaving tonight. I'm discharged but I will be staying here with him. This is a little set back. Will be sewn up soon. I will keep you posted. -Katie

5 Weeks

Well it's been five weeks today since Dalton and I were admitted into the hospital. After bowel obstructions, surgeries for both of us, sugar problems, episodes of breaking down to episodes of feeling at peace, Daltons birthday and our 2 year anniversary, this had been one heck of an admission. We made it to July 26, we are finally being discharged to stay at the family house...finally. -Katie

Monday, July 22, 2013

Feeding Tube

On Friday I had surgery to get a feeding tube. I am happy with my decision because later on you never know what could happen. -Katie
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Friday, July 19, 2013

She'll Do Great!

As you all know, I have been out of commission for the past handful of weeks. When my surgery happened, I experienced things in recovery I was not prepared for. The road from the ICU to my comfortable unit here on the floor was a little rocky, to say the least. In the worst of those moments, however, I heard warm and joyful conversations coming from somewhere I could not pinpoint. The sound was just barely audible, like a cell phone from under a pillow. These voices never left me. They reminded me of my friends and family, of simple everyday to day living, even if only for a second. But that was all I ever needed, was just another second.
I've been out of the ICU a couple days now, and in hindsight, is so obvious where those voices came from. Each and everyone of you. Everyone who has prayed for me. You have all done a momentous deed for me with the Hand of God when I needed it the most. Thank you.
Now, as my sweet wife did for me, I am asking for your love and prayers. She just gave me the "See You Later" kiss. So please everyone, pray for Katie. Pray for complete success. Pray that she keeps a soft smile as she sleeps and awakens well rested! -Dalton

Feeding Tubes and Enemas!

So here is just a quick update of what is going on..
Dalton is doing good. His bowels are back to working normally. He is still having some issues with pain though (which is expected since his belly was cut in half)! He also ran some fevers yesterday so I am not sure what is going on there but I think things might be moving forward.
Here in just a little bit I will be going down to get a feeding tube (click on feeding tube to see what it is). I am having surgery here in just a few so I won't be in commission tonight to be able to work on my bracelets. I have sold so many here in the hospital and I only hope we get out of here soon. The doctor and nurse practitioner said that we may be transferred to a longer term care facility until we feel good enough to go to family house. Dalton will update on how the surgery goes.. Love to all and thanks for following. -Katie

By the way.. Our 2 year anniversary was on July 16 <3 I fall more in love with this man every day of my life..

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yay! Dalton just got back from ultrasound and it turns out he doesn't need a drainage tube put it! They said it will go away on its own! So happy about that! -Katie

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hospital Week 3

Here we are. We've been in the hospital for 3 weeks and 2 days. My mom and Dalton's grandparents came to visit. They both left this morning. We also had a visit from Dalton's mom earlier in the week. Dalton and I are both so fortunate to have such a wonderful support system. And as always, so thankful for my dad because our puppies are getting spoiled to death! There are a few updates for Dalton and I, so here ya go. 
Dalton is doing better. He had stomach surgery almost 2 weeks ago. He then got stapled back up 2 days after that and since then has been in the ICU until Friday! So he is now back on the regular floor. Today he is having to get a drainage tube down in radiology because he is still retaining fluid. But that will be a simple procedure. Just pray that this gives him some relief. 
For me, I am doing alright. Basically I am just waiting on Dalton in here. I'll be released as soon as Dalton is. 
Overall we are both doing better. We are both officially listed for transplant. And we are both happy, we just miss our puppies!
Please pray for us to get out of the hospital soon and for this drain to work for Dalton! Love and Peace! -Katie

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prayer Request

Health wise things are alright with the both of us. But we really just need some extra prayers right now. Please pray that dalton can get comfort through the pain he is experiencing and just help him get some good sleep. And please pray for me because I am so sad and not feeling like I'm being an adequate wife. I feel like I should be able to take everything and make it okay and I can't. Thank you. -Katie

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update from the Hospital

So here I am, in a big city, on a Saturday night, spending it in the hospital, just like the past two Saturdays. Things are looking better though. We are shooting to be out of the hospital and back at Family House by our two year anniversary, July 16. I am really praying to God we are out by then. Not only have we spent the past three weeks in the hospital but we have also paid for our room at the Family House everyday the past three weeks and we aren't even staying there.. It's expensive.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Dalton's surgery went great today. He's off the ventilator and is awake and talking. He is doing really well and we can't thank you enough for your love and prayers! -Katie

Surgery Update

The doctor called me and told me his surgery went great! They cleaned him out some more and while he was under they also did a bronc to clean out his lungs. He is on the ventilator now but will work on getting him off in the next couple of hours. Please keep praying! He's not out of the woods yet. -Katie


Dalton went back into the OR around 11:00 am. I'll update when he gets out. Please pray! -Katie

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update on Dalton

Here's to answer any questions that you may have about Dalton. 
This past weekend he had a bowel obstruction. They tried everything to get things to move. Unfortunately, they had to resort to their last option which was surgery. They went in yesterday and cleared out everything which was a success! They left him open afterwards so they could go back in on Thursday and make sure everything was clear and they will sew him up then. 
One of the major things the doctors were concerned with was being put on the ventilator. Since Dalton's lungs are already so compromised it was a thought that he may not come off the vent. Well, he came off the vent last night around 7:30! Everything went perfect and now he is preparing for his surgery to be put back together tomorrow. I hope this answered any questions you had as to what was going on. Hopefully we will get out of the hospital next week sometime. Please say an extra prayer for Dalton for tomorrow that his surgery goes smoothly.. -Katie

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Long Day

Today was a very long day. Here is a picture of me sporting Dalton's wedding ring. Keeping it safe while he was in surgery. Thanks for all of your prayers today and everyday. -Katie


Please pray for Dalton. He's in the OR for a bowel blockage. Please no calls, I will update the blog as updates become available.