Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update on Dalton

Here's to answer any questions that you may have about Dalton. 
This past weekend he had a bowel obstruction. They tried everything to get things to move. Unfortunately, they had to resort to their last option which was surgery. They went in yesterday and cleared out everything which was a success! They left him open afterwards so they could go back in on Thursday and make sure everything was clear and they will sew him up then. 
One of the major things the doctors were concerned with was being put on the ventilator. Since Dalton's lungs are already so compromised it was a thought that he may not come off the vent. Well, he came off the vent last night around 7:30! Everything went perfect and now he is preparing for his surgery to be put back together tomorrow. I hope this answered any questions you had as to what was going on. Hopefully we will get out of the hospital next week sometime. Please say an extra prayer for Dalton for tomorrow that his surgery goes smoothly.. -Katie

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  1. Dalton, you may not know who i am but I know Krystal and your mom and dad. I've only met you a few times and Katie once or twice and u may not remember me but I wanted to tell u how mant people are praying for you and love you. You have such an amazing support system behind you and that is your family, your friends and some special angels from heaven. You are one strong young man who has had to endure so much and I admire your strength! You keep up the fight and use your faith to help guide you because God is on your side! Many people are praying for a speedy recovery for you and praying for your family to stay strong with you. Many blessings!