Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I was just thinking that I'd give an update on Dalton. :) 
Today was an alright day. I was over there from about 12-6. He had to have some blood because his counts were low which we don't want but it's done now. His surgery site is looking good. Still some stuff draining out. Not sure when they will take the drainage out. He is trying to ween down his pain meds, they're doing good with that. His anxiety is a little increased but that is no surprise. He is doing so good and he's being so strong. I just love visiting him. He is still in the SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit). They are waiting on a bed to become available for him to move up to the regular floor, hopefully that will happen tomorrow. I can't think of anything else to report. Just please keep praying and don't stop.. We need all you can give.. -Katie

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