Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I am officially on the LUNG TRANSPLANT LIST!!!!!! Yay!!!!! 
Dalton is also doing better. He has had a rough past few days. He was on the ventilator and wasn't doing too well. Thankfully things are starting to look up for him. -Katie

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I'm feeling really sick. I'm worse than I was last week. My breathing is so bad I literally want to crawl the 10 feet to the bathroom. Bipap is being used during the day and settings need to be readjusted. My blood levels bounce around and stay out of whack. Kidneys are problematic. I've never ever felt this bad before. I keep reminding myself that good things are coming! My transplant is gonna get here and I'm gonna LIVE not just survive. I have more mental strength than I will ever have physically! I'd give anything to go home, even the doctors would like for me to go home because it'd be good for my mind but I just can't make it. I really want my family to come to me. More than anything. 

Good news update: I've been accepted by insurance and UPMC to be reevaluated!!!!! Still not out of the woods yes but it's actually starting to happen. I can't believe it!!!! Please God let this process work out. I need it more than anything. I should be getting transferred by air within the next few days.
I love you guys  
                        My new port!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I'm just feeling down today. I am lonely even if I have visitors. I want to go home. Maybe next week I will get to go home for a bit before going to Pittsburgh they said. I miss my dogs. I miss living. I hate seeing everyone around me live and go about their normal lives when all I do is sit here and get pumped full of meds to stay alive. It sucks. It really sucks. Today just sucks. -Katie


The days drag on but go by so fast. I'm feeling sad today. I don't know why. -Katie

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Miss You

Oh Mamaw, I wish you were here to see and read everything going on. You'd be hootin and a hollerin (your words not mine)! I miss you every single day. I don't go a minute without thinking about you I feel like. It's not a bad thing. Reality still hasn't set in yet since after your funeral I came straight to the hospital. I miss calling you. Come visit me tonight in my dreams. I'd love to tell you everything for myself. I love you. Good night. See you soon. ❤️ -Katie


So today.... There are new updates! I don't feel like doing it myself so from the words of my cousin, Heather!

I am sure you are seeing a lot of updates from the media about Katie and I want to give you an update as well.  
We don't have a lot of details YET! We have been told an agreement has been made between Pittsburgh Hospital and Ky Medicaid, however we are waiting for official word and documention before we get too excited. 
We are hopeful that Katie will soon be in Pittsburgh hospital on the transplant list. As of now she is at UK Hospital. Dalton was released from Pittsburgh today and came to the hospital but was not allowed to come in Katie's room.  
We will keep you updated and can't thank everyone enough for your prayers, support, donations and sharing their story. Keep praying we are getting closer everyday.

I seriously love you guys. -Katie

                ❤️My Whole Life❤️

Port Surgery

Today I had a port surgery. I hope now it is fixed once and for all! I am excited to get to use it in a couple of days to compare to my past couple of ports! 
So, on the fundraising end of things, things are awesome!! I can't believe how amazing you all are! Many people have asked "what happens after you raise $50,000?" Good question. I'm hoping insurance will follow through and even if they do, we still have many other medical bills and the after care cost of transplant is crazy. All funds will go towards transplant so don't worry. 
If you still want to donate you can at:
And we have just a few days left to sell our shirts at:
I sincerely love you all. And thank you so much for all you have been doing!
         Some friends came to visit ❤️

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Ahh!!! Is this real life!? Finally! Thank you CNN! Mine and Daltons story is finally out there. We are finally getting our chance to be heard! We are finally getting our voices in the ears of people who will be able to help us. We want this more than anything. A lung transplant for me would be life changing not just for me but for Dalton as well. We can't be together and as our 4 year anniversary approaches, that's all we want. -Katie