Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So today.... There are new updates! I don't feel like doing it myself so from the words of my cousin, Heather!

I am sure you are seeing a lot of updates from the media about Katie and I want to give you an update as well.  
We don't have a lot of details YET! We have been told an agreement has been made between Pittsburgh Hospital and Ky Medicaid, however we are waiting for official word and documention before we get too excited. 
We are hopeful that Katie will soon be in Pittsburgh hospital on the transplant list. As of now she is at UK Hospital. Dalton was released from Pittsburgh today and came to the hospital but was not allowed to come in Katie's room.  
We will keep you updated and can't thank everyone enough for your prayers, support, donations and sharing their story. Keep praying we are getting closer everyday.

I seriously love you guys. -Katie

                ❤️My Whole Life❤️

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