Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Port Surgery

Today I had a port surgery. I hope now it is fixed once and for all! I am excited to get to use it in a couple of days to compare to my past couple of ports! 
So, on the fundraising end of things, things are awesome!! I can't believe how amazing you all are! Many people have asked "what happens after you raise $50,000?" Good question. I'm hoping insurance will follow through and even if they do, we still have many other medical bills and the after care cost of transplant is crazy. All funds will go towards transplant so don't worry. 
If you still want to donate you can at:
And we have just a few days left to sell our shirts at:
I sincerely love you all. And thank you so much for all you have been doing!
         Some friends came to visit ❤️

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there! You have the power of thousands of prayers and healing thoughts on your side. :)
    xoxo Michelle from AZ