Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I'm feeling really sick. I'm worse than I was last week. My breathing is so bad I literally want to crawl the 10 feet to the bathroom. Bipap is being used during the day and settings need to be readjusted. My blood levels bounce around and stay out of whack. Kidneys are problematic. I've never ever felt this bad before. I keep reminding myself that good things are coming! My transplant is gonna get here and I'm gonna LIVE not just survive. I have more mental strength than I will ever have physically! I'd give anything to go home, even the doctors would like for me to go home because it'd be good for my mind but I just can't make it. I really want my family to come to me. More than anything. 

Good news update: I've been accepted by insurance and UPMC to be reevaluated!!!!! Still not out of the woods yes but it's actually starting to happen. I can't believe it!!!! Please God let this process work out. I need it more than anything. I should be getting transferred by air within the next few days.
I love you guys  
                        My new port!!


  1. Praise the Lord. 1st hurdle done. Live you sweetie.

  2. I will pray for you

  3. God is SO good and HE will bring you through this! You have so many people cheering you on and praying for you! Don't lose hope or faith! I am praying for you to have strength, comfort, peace and healing. God Bless you!

  4. You're a strong lady... We love you too...

  5. Katie, My name is Colleen and I had my lung transplant done at UPMC in 8/2012. I totally understand what you are going through. If you would like to chat or have any questions email me at I will be praying for you.

  6. Katie when you get to the other hospital post the new address so I can write you. I hope you got my card I sent you this week.