Thursday, November 28, 2013


I really am thankful for a few important things this year. There's family, friends, my home, food, my church family, and all the support from people around the world. Thank you and God Bless <3 -Katie

Monday, November 25, 2013


It's times like these where I really need help figuring out something.. The difference between needing physical motivation and needing a lung transplant. What's the difference? Can I keep living like this and somehow find that physical motivation to get up and move although I wake up gasping for air? Or is it time that I really need to admit to myself that I need a lung transplant? I get very tangled up when trying to decipher the two and I honestly don't think you could answer unless you've been here. Even if you have been in this similar situation, the only person who knows what I feel like is me so I still feel like no one but myself can give a straight up answer. 
I guess I will go on continuing trying to figure out what I need.. -Katie

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jake and IVs

So, after I got home from the hospital I started feeling very abnormal in regards to my lungs. I called my dr and was restarted on IVs after I was seen in the local ER. Well since I've started I have been having some really weird feelings. I can't wait until their over so I can have a small break. 
My brother also needs prayers. He doesn't have CF but there is something wrong with his stomach. He has been in the hospital since yesterday around lunch. He still can't eat anything and is barely drinking. When I met him at the ER yesterday I couldn't believe how sick he looked. It was the worse thing ever to see him like that. You think I'd be used to hospital stuff and looking sickly horrible but I wasn't used to it being my younger brother. He looked a little better today but still not feeling well. All I want is him to be better. Not gonna stop praying. I love you Jake! -Katie

Friday, November 8, 2013

Herbal Tea

I just figured I would do a little update. I am still on IV antibiotics. I don't think they are doing what they are supposed to do. They just don't feel like their doing any good to my lungs. I have literally done nothing all week because it's been really cold and these antibiotics sure take their toll. I have been drinking a lot of herbal tea and it feels so good and warm when I drink it. I did get a therapeutic massage this week hoping that it would relax my muscles. They always stay tense especially on IVs. I think every time I go in the hospital I should get massages while I'm there!! That would be some good therapy! Marley has had something wrong with her eye but I think it might be clearing up. This morning she did have a lot more stuff coming out of it this morning. Poor girl. Next clinic appointment is 11/13, I hope to get off of IVs and come home! I want a break! Have a good weekend. -Katie

Monday, November 4, 2013

No Sleep!

I was awake all night. Still on IVs and upped my treatments to as frequent as every 4 hours. These IV meds are taking their toll on my joints and muscles so I'm going to get a massage today. There's a place about 2 minutes from our house that I have heard is good so we will see! Dalton went to go visit his family in Missouri so I've been hanging out all weekend at the house by myself. It's been nice to just have me time. Also I think I am gonna start going to the gym this week, it can only help! Hope everyone has a great week!! -Katie