Friday, July 19, 2013

Feeding Tubes and Enemas!

So here is just a quick update of what is going on..
Dalton is doing good. His bowels are back to working normally. He is still having some issues with pain though (which is expected since his belly was cut in half)! He also ran some fevers yesterday so I am not sure what is going on there but I think things might be moving forward.
Here in just a little bit I will be going down to get a feeding tube (click on feeding tube to see what it is). I am having surgery here in just a few so I won't be in commission tonight to be able to work on my bracelets. I have sold so many here in the hospital and I only hope we get out of here soon. The doctor and nurse practitioner said that we may be transferred to a longer term care facility until we feel good enough to go to family house. Dalton will update on how the surgery goes.. Love to all and thanks for following. -Katie

By the way.. Our 2 year anniversary was on July 16 <3 I fall more in love with this man every day of my life..

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  1. life is a journey and there are many twists and turns, I am glad science has Given us things like corpak feeding tube and more, I know my life would be a much sadder one with out such innovations. So good to hear things are looking up