Friday, July 19, 2013

She'll Do Great!

As you all know, I have been out of commission for the past handful of weeks. When my surgery happened, I experienced things in recovery I was not prepared for. The road from the ICU to my comfortable unit here on the floor was a little rocky, to say the least. In the worst of those moments, however, I heard warm and joyful conversations coming from somewhere I could not pinpoint. The sound was just barely audible, like a cell phone from under a pillow. These voices never left me. They reminded me of my friends and family, of simple everyday to day living, even if only for a second. But that was all I ever needed, was just another second.
I've been out of the ICU a couple days now, and in hindsight, is so obvious where those voices came from. Each and everyone of you. Everyone who has prayed for me. You have all done a momentous deed for me with the Hand of God when I needed it the most. Thank you.
Now, as my sweet wife did for me, I am asking for your love and prayers. She just gave me the "See You Later" kiss. So please everyone, pray for Katie. Pray for complete success. Pray that she keeps a soft smile as she sleeps and awakens well rested! -Dalton

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