Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mickey Button

Today I had my feeding tube replaced. My feeding tube, also known as a Mickey button, is used to feed me during the day and night. I still eat but I don't get enough calories by myself. Since I don't get enough calories, I am fed with ensure through my button so that I can get enough calories to maintain my weight.
Not much is going on today. I am on my way to dialysis. Dialysis really takes a lot out of ya. Unfortunately I need it to live. I hope by the summer I am strong enough to get a kidney transplant. My brother is getting tested to see if he'd be a match. I truly am lucky to have such a wonderful, caring and loving family. They are all so supportive.
Another thing I might be doing is writing a book. I've been thinking about it lately, I just don't know where I could get it published or if anyone would read it. They might!?
I'm also looking for an online job. I need a job so bad. I can't keep living on such a minimum income. I am more than capable of doing work online, I just need to find something to do. If you're reading this and you need help doing something that I can do online or over Skype, let me know. Or if you have ever had luck with an online company, I would love to hear about your experience, just leave me a comment!
Well, I'm signing off for today. May rearrange my blog a little bit! Love to you all and thanks for reading! Katie

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  1. Hi Katie my name is Krystal Perez my cousin went through the same thing and struggled almost 26 years we lost her in 2012 she didn't wanna suffer anymore and every day it hurts me and it don't seem to get easier but I do wish you and Ur husband the best of luck, It melts my heart seeing anyone sick and y'alls story really touches my heart ♥ y'all are truly amazing, Krystal Perez from Arkansas god bless you both :-*