Monday, August 25, 2014

RX: Fish Sandwich

Okay, so this is the FUNNIEST thing. It actually has been really annoying but at this point, I am just laughing. Okay, so as a CF patient, our doctor requires us to eat as many calories and as much protein as possible. Even with extra calories, we still can't seem to gain or maintain weight. I have had the craziest time dealing with the Kitchen people this time around at the hospital.
I am obsessed with the cafeterias fish sandwiches. They are breaded and have shredded lettuce and they taste just like a good hometown, country, firehouse fish sandwich. If yall know me, you know I love a good fish fry so when I come in, I pretty much hit up the cafeteria as much as possible (especially at nights).
Eventually it adds up $$$ to keep on buying food from the cafeteria especially when I get trays delivered to my room for free. Tonight I decided I was going to take a stand! I want my fish sandwich tonight and I am not paying for it! That sounds horrible of me but this hospital gets enough money from my insurance, they don't need my money too! So I talked to my nurse and she offered to call the dietary office for me to see if I could get one!
I was SO happy! I was like yessss finally, saving my $4 AND getting my fish sandwich. What happened next is crazy.... The dietary supervisor is actually making my doctor WRITE and FAX a prescription for me to have a fish sandwich..... That's right, I was prescribed a fish sandwich, official signature and everything.. How crazy! I just have to laugh! If I didn't laugh I'd go crazy in this place!! Love y'all! -Katie


  1. That's hilarious!!!

  2. Brad from Southern MissouriAugust 26, 2014 at 5:42 AM

    That is the funniest thing I've ever heard! Keep On Smiling!!