Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On The Sixth Day...

This is day number six in the hospital for me. My coughing has gotten better, along with my O2. Thankfully, the doctor said that if I feel up to it, they will discharge me in a couple of days. Pulmonary and I have been banging heads over me going home. If they had their way, I would remain hospitalized until Katie and I went to Pittsburgh. I politely declined on the basis that their idea of hospitalizing me long term is completely and utterly nuts. The hospital is my vacation condo, not my home!
When the doctors made their rounds, they came in and told me that my latest sputum sample grew Atypical Mycobacterium along with the usual infections. They will have to test my sputum two more times. They said if it grows all three times, then the infection is positive. If it only grows once or twice, it is not something that should cause concern. Needless to say, I'm crossing everything I got to keep this bacteria out of my system. With the transplant evaluation coming up, the last thing I need is a new breed of infection.
The social worker gave me the phone number for the Pittsburgh Transplant Center today. Luckily, it is up to Katie and I to initiate communication with them, so we can put the pedal to the medal and work it on our own schedule. That would be very convenient, because Katie and I are wanting to do a little bit of sightseeing in Pittsburgh. There's no reason we can't have fun while being fitted for two shiny new sets of lungs. Katie and I can not wait! You just gotta LOVE that new organ smell!

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