Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am glad Dalton is staying and demanding new antibiotics, I am going to do the same since I don't feel what I am getting is doing anything either. Maybe we can go back to our normal IV cocktail. Speaking of cocktail, I miss St. Thomas.
Anyway, what my post was originally about was our Oxygen saturations. First of all, oxygen saturation is a measure of how much oxygen the blood is carrying as a percentage of the maximum it could carry.Your oxygen saturation (o2 sats) usually range from about 98-100%. Even with CF mine and Daltons have always been 96-100%. In the last few weeks we both have dropped and hovered to around 90% and just these past couple of weeks we have dropped even more. Without oxygen, my o2 sats are around 83% and Dalton is in the same boat. This is a very over whelming feeling for me. I am now on oxygen almost all of the time. I do breathing treatments four times a day and it doesn't make it any better.
We need all the prayers we can get please. That is all I ask of you. -Katie


  1. Thoughts and prayers for both of you!!!!

    Love Aunt Sheila

  2. Thank you for the update!! Love you, love you!! Keep demanding, if you feel you need more.

    Proud of you guys!
    Love, Aunt Tammy

  3. Keep demanding the very best for yourselves and each other!!