Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesdays Appointment and Transplant Update

Dalton and I had a doctors appointment here in Pittsburgh yesterday. It could have went better, but realize it could have also been way worse! I will update us one at a time.
Dalton- started oral antibiotics, pfts staying steady, weighed an awesome 109 pounds (seriously, so proud!!!), Dr. Pilewski thought he looked great!, not feeling 100% but still doing alright.
Katie- weight 92 (lost weight), pfts down (now in the teens consecutively), got admitted for IV antibiotics and steroids, still gonna kick this!
We also have updates for the transplant list..
Dalton- trying to get the flight coordinated so that we are still able to live in KY while waiting for transplants, so not active on the list as of right now.
Katie- ACTIVE on the transplant list as of 12/12/13!
Not much has been going on lately with either of us. We stay at home mostly and just hang out with the dogs and each other. We are both SO ready to get out and live!!
Will update more later.. <3

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  1. Hang in have many people praying for you guys. I pray that God will ease your fear and comfort you as you wait for the exciting call!