Friday, December 20, 2013


Well, I made it home Thursday night around 9:00. Mom drove up, picked me up, and drove me back home all in one day. I think she woke up at like 3:00. I couldn't have done that! Anyway. I am still on IVs through January 4th. I was so happy to get to come home but I am already just feeling miserable. I have a fever and a lot of wheezing. But unless I absolutely cannot breathe at all, I will not be visiting any hospital or doctors office until December 26th. I'm really hoping this is just a fluke and I'm just tired and my body is just trying to catch up but I don't think so. I am working so hard to try and stay healthy for Christmas. It really is my favorite time of the year. I'm gonna go try to get some sleep, I hope everyone has a great weekend! -Katie

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