Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Week

I have been here since last Wednesday, almost a week. I am really ready to go home although I don't feel any better. This time of the year is my favorite and I really don't like being stuck in here. I have been dealing with pain in my lungs and shortness of breath. They have me up to 3-5 liters at rest now, and 6 while walking around. It is no fun being sick, but I get past the bad feelings because I think about all I am going to be able to do soon with my new lungs. Although I would really hate to be stuck in here during Christmas, I think it would be so awesome to get a lung transplant around Christmas.
Doctors have me on the same medicines as usual. Meropenem, and Vancomycin (which I get an allergic reaction to). Since I get an allergic reaction, they pretreat it with Benadryl and that works. Nothing new is going on. I hope to go home by Thursday. -Katie

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