Sunday, December 22, 2013

Never Giving Up

Things are getting much harder for me. Even day by day. I do still have good days though, but they are few and far between. This hasn't been a good weekend. I struggled a lot with breathing and fevers. I am still on IVs at home and they are working out okay. The only bad part is waking up early to start them and staying up late to do the evening doses. 

Other than my health, life is good. Dalton and I have grown closer since we've gotten sicker. It's nice to have someone who literally understands everything. His love is so genuine and pure. I'm so blessed to have him. 

I am tired of sitting at the house with no job. I can't wait until I get my transplant so I can go back to work! I would go to work right now but that is just not possible right now. I haven't worked since June of 2012. Most people would be happy to not have a job but sitting a home is awful, especially when you don't feel like getting out to do anything. I would LOVE to have a job right now. Not even for the money, but for the socialization. 

Dalton and I are pretty much loners but we love spending time with people. We don't get out much these days because it's so hard but love visitors. If you would like to come visit us, text me! We would love to have anyone over! And I mean anyone (unless you plan on burglarizing our house)! I know a lot of people are on break right now so I'm serious, come visit us, even if it's just for a few minutes! We'd love to see some friends!


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