Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just a Friendly Note...

When you walk in to Wal-Mart or most other stores here in the US, there is usually a trash can and an ashtray. The ashtray might be tall with a hole in the top and sand in the bottom or it might just be a tray where everyones smoked cigarettes are there to look at (sick!). Anyway, most stores have some type of ashtray in front of their business. While said ashtray is there and very helpful to put your cigarette out before you walk into the store, it doesn't give you permission to stand there in the DOORWAY of the business and smoke and flick your ashes in the tray (and most get on the ground anyway). I honestly don't care if anyone smokes but when I am trying to walk into a store and I get the pleasure of walking right through smoke, I not only get disgusted but the slightest whiff usually makes me cough my head off. If you really want to smoke go ahead and do it somewhere other than in front of a business. Please. And when I please ask you to not smoke in front of the said business, please don't look at me and my oxyen tank and tell me to go blow up... -Katie

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