Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Follow Up Appointment

So, yesterday Dalton and I were seen for our follow up from IVs. We are pretty much the same as the last time. PFTs are down slightly and I gained one pound. Our doctor wants me to get a feeding tube again. I don't really want another one. I had one for like 3 years until it fell out and then didn't want to replace it. But I guess if I have to get one it wont be anything new since I have had one in the past. Today we had another appointment in Cincinnati for a pain doctor. I have never been one to take pain pills if I don't have to. Well, today at the pain clinic it just felt sketchy. Dalton and I do have pain problems but we both felt so uncomfortable at that place so we left. There were people sitting in the waiting room that looked so high on drugs, it actually made me nervous to be in there! I am going to talk to our doctor and see if we really have to go there anymore. Our doctor also started both of us on inhaled ceftazadime. So, I am ready to get that started when ever we can. I am also getting a lot of bracelet orders and I still haven't figured out a cost efficient way to send them. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! Going to bed. Thank you once again for all of your love!<3 -Katie

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