Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update from Missouri

So Dalton and I came to Missouri last Thursday for a few days to visit some people for the last time for a while and to also have our Pre-Transplant BBQ! The BBQ was a huge success and we had so many supporters there!!! We also sold tons of t-shirts and support bracelets! It feels so great to have so many people who love us!
Saturday night I also had a surprise graduation party! I was excited and couldn't believe it!
We had family pictures done with everyone and it was great. I'm so glad we we were able to get family pictures with Dalton's cousins, Kayla and Hannah, because after transplant we won't be able to be with them because they have CF. The fact of the matter is we won't get to hang out with anyone; CF, pre-transplant, or post-transplant. This is one thing that hurts me the most. Three of my best friends have CF and will be pre-transplant. Kayla, Hannah, and Lauren have been my go to girls. I can always trust and lean on them for anything. We have so many great memories that I will always cherish and I love them all so so much. I'm so glad they were all there to send us on our way on Saturday night. They are the three strongest ladies I know and I'll always be right here just a call or text away. I love you three to death! <3
I'm making myself sad because this weekend really hasn't been the easiest. A lot of things just coming up now that we are getting close to transplant but only God knows the plans he has for us.
Thank you to everyone for your support, love, concern, and donations. We love you! Will be going back to Kentucky first thing tomorrow morning. -Katie

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