Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 1- Check!

Day 1 was a success! We started the day off with a social services meeting for Dalton (mine isn't until Wednesday) and that lasted about an hour. Then from there we went to lunch and then basically straight to Lung Transplant Orientation! There was so much information to take in but I feel very confident about this process thus far. Today we will begin testing and meet with more people of our lung transplant team. It is so amazing to type out 'our lung transplant team'. This is happening and very fast at that! Yesterday was very tiring and I'm sure today will be even worse. I will update tonight after appointments and will keep everyone updated. Please keep praying that our evaluations are successful and we will be put on the list. We aren't out of the woods yet, in fact, we just walked in and the light is very far away, but we can see a glimpse of it. I feel all of the love and prayers everyday. It is so amazing to know that so many people genuinely care. You'll never know how much each one of you is appreciated. -Katie


  1. Glad you are liking the city and YOUR team! Love your positive outlook. Things will definitely get difficult but staying positive will be a big factor in your success before, during and after.
    I've heard great things about Pitt's tx program. They seem to be very open to new treaments and options that many centers won't try.
    Best of luck this week!