Thursday, April 18, 2013

CF Clinic

Dalton and I had our CF appointment in Cincinnati yesterday. There really were no changes at all. Our doctor added some medicine to our daily routine, but no big deal. PFTs the same. Still on IVs and probably will be for another week or so. We have an appointment with the ENT doctor on May 7, as well as a CF appointment. We are still dealing with insurance issues for transplant. Hopefully this gets dealt with tomorrow and we can move forward with this process. We are going to St. Louis next week to visit and then probably move to Pittsburgh. I am not quite sure how this is going to go but it will work out!
Dalton and I missed pulmonary rehab today because of lab draws so we went to the bowling ally. We were the only ones there, imagine that on a Thursday afternoon. Will keep you posted if anything changes. -Katie

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  1. Let me know whsn you guys will be here...I want to see you guys