Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Monday

Today started off just like every other day pretty much with blood draws at 9:00 am! There really is nothing new to report about anything. We are really just playing the waiting game and trying to get out of the house as often as possible. My mom is taking us to dinner later on so that should be fun but those are the only plans we have for the day. Tomorrow Dalton has an appointment in Westchester, OH (to be honest, we have never even heard of that place) to meet with a sleep study 00doctor so we can finally get going on this bipap deal. We are both still on IVs and it looks like we will miss pulm rehab again tomorrow because of his appointment. I think it will be okay, we will do enough running around tomorrow without rehab! I am still working on bracelets and we now have our purple 'Dalton and Katie' bracelets in. If you would like one, they are $3. I will tell you how to get one at the end of the post. Yesterday at church they took up a special Love offering for Dalton and I. I am seriously so amazed at how many people show Dalton and I such love and compassion. Everyone is always praying for us and we can really feel all of the support we have from everyone. We honestly wouldn't be able to go through this without everyone and we feel so special to have so many people care. I hope everyone has a happy Monday!! Remember, you woke up this morning, it is going to be a good day.

*If you want an awesome Dalton and Katie Love Conquers All bracelet, message me your name and address at or on my personal facebook page after you donate $3 to (I think the min is $5 but the extra $2 helps pay for shipping on all of these orders). If you want more than one just let me know in the message and each bracelet is $3!

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