Thursday, January 30, 2014

So Tired.

So yesterday I finally spent Christmas money and went to get my hair done. Everything I do, even at home, makes me tired. I'm always tired or lazy! Anyway, it took 2 hours to get my hair done and I even joked that I would go home and immediately go to sleep because of how tired getting my hair did made me (doesn't everyone get exhausted siting in a chair)!? So I get home yesterday around 2:ish and didn't even take off my shoes. Dalton had a glass of water and my oxygen for me and I crashed on the couch. Around 5:00 I woke up and thought I was gonna stay up so Dalton and I talked about what we wanted for dinner. He decided to make something and I asked him if he would care if I could just lay back down for a while. So I went back to sleep (still in my jeans but now without shoes and now in my bed)! I fell back asleep and when dinner was ready I woke up and ate. I was still hungry but I told myself I would eat in just a second and after just a few bites I fell asleep. I slept from 6-11 and then Dalton woke me up to go to bed. I thought for sure I was going to be hyper and not be able to sleep and well by 12 the TV was off and I was back in bed and I was asleep. This morning I woke up about 9-10 and it is now 1:30 and I'm exhausted. I am supposed to go to the gym today. I may take a nap before I go. I am so tired! Trust me, I'd rather work all day than nap all day! Someone give me energy!!!! -Katie

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