Sunday, January 19, 2014

Puppy Blog Part I

They are the two cutest creatures in the world! They both have four legs, and like to sniff each others butts.. Anyone know who I am talking about? It's our puppies, Bo and Marley! I really felt like blogging but had no idea what to blog about so I figured I would throw a little puppy into the mix! (Thanks to the suggestion from Wendy Cherry)

On the left is Bo. His birthday is Nov. 2, 2010. He was a rescue puppy. We got him from a pet store called Petland in Missouri. When they received him, they said that he was malnourished, had worms, and was just a very sick puppy. Nobody had ever properly taken care of him... When we went to the pet store we were actually going to get his brother because his brother was more playful and Bo just sat there right beside Daltons leg and wouldn't really move. He was quite shy, and a little anxious. But, Dalton wanted Bo so that's the one we got. I'm not really sure where the name Bo came from either but we had it picked out before we left the store. We took Bo up to the counter to pay for him (and all his treats). We sat him up on the counter and that's where it all started, he peed all over the counter. Little did we know that would be the beginning of what I like to call the disaster toddler puppy! 

On the right is Marley. She is the first born and her birthday is Dec. 22 2009. Dalton and I moved into our first apartment together at the beginning of 2010 and of course we wanted to have a little family. We went into Petland thinking we would get a gerbil or a hamster. Those things are easy enough to take care of. If we want to play with it, get it out of its cage and put it in the ball and watch it roll across the floor. Easy, peasy. Well, we walked into the pet store and after playing with just about every hamster and every gerbil, I was bored. None of them wanted to play and they all hid from my ginormous hand every time that I reached down into their cage! So I just looked at Dalton and said, 'let's just look at the puppies'. They were all SO cute! I wanted to take them all home. Every cage I walked past the price tag seemed to increase, $600, $700, $1000. I am sorry, I love dogs as much as the next girl but there is no way I am paying that much. So we went up to the pet store employee and asked, 'what is your cheapest dog?' That may seem funny to some but we were serious. The guy pointed over to a cage with a puppy bulldog and a puppy cock-a-poo (which is Marley). The bulldog was laying in the cage trying his very best to sleep while Marley was hopping up and down, wall to wall, trying to play with him! When we said we will see her and they took her out of the cage it was like we saw the bulldog take a sigh of relief! After a while of playing with her we decided we would take her! Come to find out she was next on the chopping block too.. Ya know, they can't keep those puppies forever. Sad but true. So we got Marley and all of her treats and toys and took her home. I will never forget her ride home. She had an Easter scarf on and it was raining. She sat in my lap in the front seat and shivered and hugged my arm all the way home.

Stay tuned for my next puppy blog where I tell you all about the adventures of Bo and Marley!

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  1. Love your puppy story. Over 10 years Susanne had 3 dogs. First one, Nalla who is now 14 was a pound puppy. Next was Madden. He is half Havaniese & Yorkshire. #3 is Maci a beagle. We have Ballard, my sister-in-law has Madden b/c Susanne was too sick at the time to take care of him & we already had Nalla & our dog. In addition I was taking care of Susanne. She loved animals. I know she's in heaven loving on some pets there. I will pray your lungs come soon.
    Pam Noble