Friday, June 7, 2013


Well we are STILL waiting on insurance and its really starting to get to me now. I am so sick of fighting with everyone to approve this. No one gives me updates on anything, no one returns my calls, I have had it. Something will be done on Monday if its the last thing I do. I am just tired of people dragging their feet. 

Anyway, an update on us. Dalton had his second sleep study done a week ago and we should know the results of that on Monday and then they'll be able to get his bipap delivered! They said he would have more energy and it would make him feel lots better, so we are both excited for that. I have been running fevers off and on for the past two weeks now. We both had two really good days, last Monday and Tuesday, but since then, I have felt horrible. I have slept nonstop the past couple of days and decided to give in and call clinic today. It was my hopes to start home IVs but they want to see me first. So Dalton and I have an appointment on Thursday in Cincinnati. The plan that we have is to start IVs Thursday with no hospital. Although the hospital would be beneficial for the both of us, I just refuse to spend my last little bit at home in the hospital. If it comes down to it, I will come home feeling yucky with no IVs before I give in to an admission.

Dalton's dad, his dads girlfriend, and his brother came into town to visit us today! Most of the family from Missouri has visited us now and we love it! We are so happy that they came in just to spend a couple days with us. It means so much!! 

As most of you know I have started my own little business. It's mainly just a small business to keep my mind occupied since I can't work and to make a little extra money for living expenses when it comes to transplant. Well I have some very EXCITING news that I can't wait to share!! Sorry that was such a tease but I promise the next blog I do will be all about it! 

Peace. Sweet Dreams. And Always Tons of Love. -Katie

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