Wednesday, June 19, 2013

City Life

Well we had planned to move to Pittsburgh on Monday morning but didn't arrive until Tuesday around 6:00 PM. We left on Tuesday around noon and made it with no problems. We have been doing absolutely nothing today. 
I was telling Dalton, now is the time for the real blogging to begin. Up until now our blog has been filled with random thoughts and updates when nothing had really changed. But now is the time to update! 
We are living through many emotions right now, but I think that's expected. Just gonna keep holding onto our faith and stay strong for each other and I know we will get through it.
We talked to the transplant coordinator Tuesday night and he was off today so we will be talking to him to get things started in the morning.
I can't wait for you to take this crazy ride with us. Hold on tight!!! -Katie

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