Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Morning Early Update

The past week was a very emotional and trying time for me. At the beginning of the week, I honestly wasn't sure where mine and Daltons future was going to go. So let me begin...
Dalton got his transplant on November 17th and has been in the hospital ever since. There have been some setbacks (quite a few actually) that lead me to pray harder than I ever had in my entire life. After Dalton got his lung transplant he started rejecting his new lungs (very common in the first year or so). Although I knew it was common, it didn't make it feel any better. So they started him on thymoglobulin to treat his stage 3 moderate rejection. The stages for rejection are as follows: 0 being no rejection and 4 being severe rejection. There had also been problems with his lungs, developing a new bacteria and no sight of chest tubes being taken out (and there were 5 of them). So anyway, he has had a really rough past few months. Fast forward from all the horrible news and mess that I got from early in the week to today. Dalton texted me and it was a picture of him. No oxygen and no trachea hooked up to anything! He was breathing all on his own!!! Can you believe it!? I was ecstatic! So I'm guessing the thymoglobulin is working!

On a side note, my aunt passed away at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. She was really sick but she didn't lose her battle, she won. And now she has the ultimate prize. Fly high, Karen. -Katie

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