Saturday, January 17, 2015

2 Months Post Transplant

Today marks 2 months since Dalton got his transplant. He continues to make progress in his healing everyday. I am so proud of him. He finally has his trach out and all chest tubes except 3 (2 of those might get taken out tomorrow!). Other than his chest tubes, he's doing good. I honestly am just so happy for him. I can't even imagine what it feels like. Here's to 2 months post transplant Dalton! You're awesome!
As for me, no updates. I still don't have insurance that will cover my transplant and it is way too expensive to even think about me paying for it. Since I got discharged from UPMC, I have pretty much been on ivs the whole time except for a few days. It's not fun at all and I never get out of the house. I would love some energy just to go to Walmart or something. I hate being locked up in here. There's really nothing to update. Daltons improving and that's all I pray for. I'm so happy -Katie

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