Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Angel Baby

As some of you may know, a tragedy rattled Dalton's side of the family, my side of the family and friends from near and far. In April 2012, Dalton's mom had a baby who tragically and suddenly passed away after 8 days on this earth. She was beautiful, definitely an angel on earth. She blessed each of us in so many ways in her short time of being here and taught a lot of us lessons about life, like not to hold grudges and to just be nice to one another. No matter what.
Since her passing, I have looked at her picture everyday. Her picture stays in my wallet and I manage to take a glance each time it opens. I even got a tattoo of an S in tribute to her (along with her brothers).
Going through a lung transplant isn't easy. I'm not going to sugar coat it at all. First off, actually being sick enough to go through the transplant is a journey on it's own, but then there are so many tests that have to be performed to decide whether they want to list you. And I will tell you, the answer isn't always yes. In those cases, you are sent home to live the rest of your life in comfort whether it be days, weeks, maybe months. In other cases you may be sent to another facility to see if they will accept you and put you on their list. When that's all done, the waiting game begins...
I started this blog talking about my baby angel sister-in-law Samantha. You're probably wondering how all of it ties together. Tonight as I was about to lay my head down on my pillow (after a long, tiring, sick day) I raised up my pillowcase. There was a piece of fuzz on my sheet. This piece of fuzz wasn't just any piece of fuzz, it was very important. It was a sign from Samantha, telling me that she's taking care of Dalton and I. The fuzz was in the shape of a butterfly. It wasn't like I had to squint hard like you do sometimes to see images in the clouds. It was just right there. A butterfly piece of fuzz.
What a nice way to end my day. Thank you my sweet sister. You are forever in my heart. I love and miss you so very very much.

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