Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update 10/30/2014

My virus swab came back negative. Great news. Now I can visit dalton again. And were both negative for the virus. 
Bad news is that there is something else going on in my body. They have upped my steroids and they have switched around my antibiotics. I haven't been awake for more than 2 or 3 consecutive hours since Sunday and I have only ate a couple of things here and there. 
Dalton almost had lungs last Friday. He was the first on the list but before anything could happen, they went bad. The surgeon and our CF doctor, Dr. Pilewski had been called. He is wearing his bipap a lot more lately. This will increase his LAS (lung allocation score- find out more at
These things are definitely taking time but with Gods grace and our will to live together and get every ounce of love into our marriage, we will come out stronger than ever. It's a promise. 
I got to visit him for the first time today in about a week and it was the most precious time spent that I could have asked for. 
Thank you for all of your support and prayers. It means more than you will ever know. We aren't going down without a fight. Please just pray, pray, pray.
Love, Katie

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  1. I keep praying things will turnaround for you both...your love and Gods hands will get you through this. Stay strong and have faith and everything will work out...I love you!! Mom