Thursday, October 2, 2014


All we need are prayers. No amount of money, no size of house, and no type of car will ever be more precious to me than the love I have for my husband. Please please pray. Please pray for peace. Pray for healing. Don't pray that someone dies so that he can get his lungs, but pray that the one God chooses to take home with him makes the choice to donate their organs. I have faith that their coming and for Dalton's sake, I hope they do. Tears are falling as I type this as they have been doing most of my waking hours the past few days. We need a miracle. -Katie


  1. Honey I am thinking hard about you guys. Hang in there. Love love love to you both.

  2. I have started following y'alls journey through Becky Nail Colbert's facebook and got to your blog by clicking on many links. I am a respiratory therapist of 30 years and have worked with many CF patients. I am a great advocator for organ donors, The phrase you used here is so empowering that I will be using it when I have a chance to speak to anyone about organ donation. I have you both on by prayer list and will continue to follow you.