Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dalton Got a Lung Transplant!!!

Wow. Exactly one week ago I was holding Dalton in my arms and we were waiting for his double lung transplant surgery to start. I can't even begin to describe how emotional in so many ways this week has been. There have been ups and downs but I can safely say that I have my husband back. He's himself again. I've missed him so much. I wasn't sure how much longer he could go without a miracle but he never gave up and I never have up on him. Like always, he came out on top. I'm so incredibly happy for him. I can't wait until he gets off of the ventilator and can take that first breath on his own. Wow! I can't even imagine!

His surgery started early on November 17th and lasted until 5:00 PM.  There were a few complications, but they got settled.  He now has a trach though and will have that for a little bit until he gets off of the vent and can breathe on his own.

I'm so happy with how he's been improving and so are the doctors. I give all my thanks to the God above. Without him nothing is possible.

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  1. That's great news!!!! I say a prayer for you both every night... so prayers are answered! Katie, you're next! Send a prayer my way, I could use it.