Thursday, April 10, 2014

Whats Been Goin On

I figured I would give everyone an update about what has been going on. We haven't touched base on here in a while, so I figured before anything else happens that I may need to write about, this would be the best time to get caught up.
The past few days have been a whirlwind. I guess it started out Monday when Daltons heart rate when to 180 and wouldn't come down. So they took him to the ICU to monitor him and make sure he was okay. While he was down there they also put in a nerve block. A nerve block is basically they cut off the nerve endings in your spine to a certain place that is giving you pain. In this case, Dalton has 3 fractured ribs from coughing and while he is still coughing, it gives him a lot of pain. So this nerve block, which is like a fishing line that cuts off the nerve for a while, feeds his medicine to the site and supposedly makes it easier on him. He finally got back up to the regular floor last night, which I was so happy about! He is doing better and his heart rate is staying down and in normal range, well for him anyway.
Daltons dad and grandma have also came up here to stay with us and hopefully take us home. We are really hoping to go home soon. They are bringing us lunch today and I think Popeyes is on the menu! So we are both excited that we won't be eating nasty hospital food today. It gets really old, really fast!
I've been doing okay. Really having some problems with anxiety lately, Dalton has too. I think we just need to get out of here and that will work itself out. Being in the hospital takes a lot out of someone.
Well, there isn't much else to report.. Dalton wanted me to throw in a picture so thanks for reading and for loving us and supporting us! It means the world to the both of us. Also, please pray for Timmy Dotson who isn't doing too well, and my aunt Karen who is having surgery today and has been in the hospital a long time. Peace and Love. -Katie

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  1. Thanks for the update, Katie!
    I know it's not easy, but I'm glad to hear that it's a little easier than what it was.

    I always feel like there's a conflict with being home or in the hospital when you are sick. In the hospital, you get crappy food and almost no rest. (I love Popeye's, too!) However, if you go home, you may or may not get rest...but then you also have all of your daily chores, along with planning meals, preparing meds, and...ugh!...sterilizing your nebs...and everything else.

    I hope you have someone to help you at home. It is always nice to sleep in your own bed. Many prayers for you, two!

    I love that Dalton wanted the photo. Scott pretty cool about the pics, but he rarely requests them. :)

    Hoping you both feel better soon!