Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just Waiting

The one thing I absolutely hate about social media is seeing how people my age, the people I grew up with are out ENJOYING their 20's. Yes, I'm jealous. Yes, I'm envious. Of course there's nothing I can do about it and allowing myself to feel sorry for myself is the last thing I'm going to do. I'm missing out on 'the best years of my life' and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it sucks. It's so hard watching people go out and have fun while I sit at home.. But don't feel sorry for me. One day soon I'll have my new lungs. I'll be able to start 'the best years of my life' when my new life starts and that begins with new lungs! I can't wait to take that first deep breath! No oxygen, just the air around me! And after that, Dalton and I will definitely have the best years of our lives filled with things we can't even do in our wildest dreams. That's a promise. -Katie

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