Friday, March 21, 2014

Keep on Waitin'

So I just have an update on Dalton..
He has been having severe chest pain for the past week/week and a half. He thought he had a broken rib from coughing so hard because of his allergies. Thursday he called CF clinic and told them he was in pain and they suggested he go to the ER. He had a massage scheduled to work on his muscles this morning and if it was still hurting he'd go to the ER for x-rays. Today it got to the point where he needed pain medicine and it was unbearable. So he went to our local ER and got the tests done (x-rays, blood work) and his x-ray didn't reveal a broken rib, it did however reveal that there are two ribs rubbing against each other because a muscle is pushing one rib into another. So he got pain meds to take care of that. His white blood cell count was also elevated and so Dr. Pilewski felt like it was best that he was transported to Pittsburgh. So, he is in Pitt once again on 7 south tower in Presbyterian hospital. I will update tomorrow once I know more. But for now all I know is that he's safe and sound in his room. 

I would really like if you all that read the blog do me a little favor. We are both always in and out of the hospital but it's always nice to know that someone is thinking of us. Could you please send Dalton an e-card? All you have to do is go to:
Click on a card you want to send
Type in Dalton Prager
Just leave the room number blank
And he is in UPMC Presbyterian

I know this would brighten his stay! Thank you everyone for all your love and support. New shirts coming soon! Stay tuned!!! -Katie

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