Saturday, March 29, 2014


So, my blog has mostly been about health but I decided I would like to expand the topics that I talk about. I mean, in all honestly, our life pretty much revolves around health at the moment, but only if we let it and I am tired of letting that happen! So.....

I really want a job! I keep looking into the sell things from home deals. I just feel like it's a scam and I can't imagine spending money to start something and then never even make my money back. So, I have been debating on that a lot. Another problem with those things is that there are SO many people who sell things that it is hard to find people to buy from you. I'm really not sure if it would be worth it to sell anything or not. Any input? I just really want something to do to make money. I am tired of getting donations and not doing anything to get them. I hate donations honestly. That is mainly why I started making bracelets, got t-shirts, etc. So yeah.. I have always been independent when it comes to that sort of thing so being in this predicament is not fun at all.

I am going to see Dalton tomorrow. He said he is starting to feel a bit better. Bad news is that his score is back down to 41. They messed it up the other day and so it went back down. :( boo. I wish he would get his lungs soon. I am ready to see him healthy <3


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