Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oxygen Update

Today is Sunday, February 9th which means that Dalton and I have been here for about 3 days. It feels like a lot longer than that. I had a scary moment yesterday. I was laying here half asleep and my oxygen somehow came off of my head and by the time someone checked on me my o2 sats were 72%. They are okay now though and I am not letting my oxygen fall off! Everyone have a great Sunday. Peace and Love. -Karie


  1. I am just writing to say what a beautiful couple you are and the love you have jumps right out of the pictures. I am praying for you both to get double lung transplants. We take these bodies, with all of their ability and sometimes inability, for granted. Or spend time complaing about such little things. My friend sent a link to me, and that's how I found you guys. I must have needed to read your story and remind myself of the many abilities my body has and that even on a bad day (I have RA) things could always be more difficult. I am thinking about the breaths I am taking right now and praying that you both have brand new breaths soon.Thank you for sharing your story. Maureen Clyde, St. Louis MO

  2. Hi Katie, I have been a Facebook fan for a long time of Bracelets for Breath. Your bracelets are beautiful. I am sad to say that I never got around to ordering one...but I sure wanted too!! Your story is an inspiration. So brave and beautiful. Something happened today to remind me of your story so I looked you up. I am praying hard for you and Dalton.Today I will think of you with every breath and pray that you are having a good day. {hugs} Cindy Cooper, St. Louis MO

  3. Hi Katie, I also am from St. Louis and had received a note to check out your wonderful site on Facebook...I absolutely love it. Then of course, I had to get here to read your story. You are an absolutely amazing woman! It sounds like you have been through many struggles and challenges...but I believe that God has great plans for you. He knew you would touch the lives of others through your story. Even though we don't know eachother you have touched my life and I will continue to look for updates from your blog. Praying for you. Patty B.