Monday, September 16, 2013

The Last Month..

So I have decided we have definitely gotten off the blogging trail and we need to get back on! Since our last entry on August 25th, a few things have happened.. I turned 23 on August 26th! Take that CF!! We had a doctors appointment on August 28th. Things went okay. Things are literally about the same as they were before. We are both just hovering in the same place that we have been previously. We got to come back home to Kentucky. Dalton started IV antibiotics and he seems to be doing better than he was before. We are both adjusting to the weather change. I love it. It feels so much better than all the heat and humidity but I am definitely not looking forward to it getting really cold. Daltons Maze grandparents came out and visited a couple of days. We had fun with them! We really enjoyed their company. My aunt and uncle from Australia are leaving on Thursday.. My Mamaw turned 87! We had a big party for her that lasted a few days it seemed like! Daltons Grandma Prager also had a birthday on the same day. I really think that is about it. Just trying to enjoy being here at home. I went out to lunch with my friend Kelsey the other day for a couple of hours. It was nice to have girl time and get out of the house! Dalton and I also went to the drive-in movie theatre to see Elysium. I didn't really like it and ended up falling asleep but Dalton said he thought it was okay. Bo and Marley are more cuddly than ever. All they do is sleep! I love spending my time with them! My brother got a job and it felt so weird to see him working. These things are all my random happenings within the last month.. -Katie

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