Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Time

Dalton and I are really blessed. Of course we live here in Kentucky surrounded by my family and even though we are 8 hours away, most of his family attempts to visit us. We love having his family come out and we appreciate everything they do for us. Some of the most memorable trips have been when Daltons dad and grandma Prager came out to our house so that they could go up with us to be evaluated for our transplants! My mom also went with us and it was nice that we were able to spend so much quality time with one another. Earlier in the summer Daltons dad, his girlfriend Jody, and brother Nathan came out and spent time with us and it was so fun! Dave, Nathan, my dad and my brother Jake made new shed doors for our shed in the backyard. It was actually kinda funny to watch the boys finally do work while Jody and I took pictures of them! Just a couple weeks ago Daltons grandma and grandpa Maze came out to visit. His grandpa put in our garbage disposal into the kitchen and his grandma and I watched 6 straight hours of the history channel. I always enjoy when his family takes time out of their busy schedules to come visit us which makes me happy to say that his brother, Nathan and his dad are coming this weekend! We can't wait to see you guys and we love you!!! -Katie

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