Friday, January 29, 2016

Katie's Kitchen!

So lately I have been interested in cooking! I have had tons of fun making new things and having my family try them out. I honestly have never been fond of cooking until recently. I figured that I would start sharing some of my special creations here so you can try them out for yourself! I'll be posting my first creation (along with pictures and videos sometimes)!

For now I have another announcement. We are selling t-shirts again. Since getting my diagnosis of cancer and having to stay up in Pittsburgh longer and getting more medical bills, we are trying to raise money but not just donations. I'd rather offer something you can buy than just ask for money. So, if you want, please feel free to order a t-shirt! If not, I'd love for you to spread the word! You can order your t-shirt at:

Thank you so much! And be on the lookout for my new cooking posts!


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