Monday, March 16, 2015

New News

It's 9:33 am, Monday, March 16th. I have been here for 16 days and there is no end in sight. At first, the doctors were optimistic about me getting a transplant and me getting transferred to Pittsburgh so easily. Now, my doctors are saying that I need to contact my state representative and go to media about nobody wanting to pay for my transplant. I've become the dreaded dollar sign and to anyone that matters to me, I don't matter to them.
There has been a lot done to try to get me my transplant. I'm not going to give up on the idea because it's too easy to dream about healthy lungs. I often wonder how Dalton feels. I wonder what on Earth it feels like to take a deep, easy breath. The truth is that I may never know.
When a doctor comes in and tells you to take your 'story' to the media, it's never a good sign. I guess this is where you come in? Share my story. Share my blog. Share my facebook page. With the help of my mom and cousin have written up something to hopefully get my 'story' out there. I call it a 'story' because to everyone it IS just another news story. To me, it's my life.
Stay tuned to learn how you can help get my story out into the public. Information will become available today and maybe I can finally get the second chance at life that I feel like I deserve. I hope I deserve. -Katie

This link is up and working. Please don't feel like you have to donate. I just want really want prayers and attention to the insurance to make them pay.

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  1. I read you story on CNN. Please know that people are supporting you. I hope your story will attract some counsel and other advocates in addition to funds. Don't be shy about asking! I wish I could do more.